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Student Achievement Awards

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Bi-annually, we invite a highly accredited examiner into our dance studio to evaluate our students' progress using the prestigious Dance Vision Syllabus and Standards.


These "Medal Tests" are used to universally measure and define the level of skill for each individual dancer. They are a wonderful opportunity for students and dance teachers alike to set goals, measure progress in a tangible way and plan for success.

Upon the successful completion of each medal test the student will received diploma and a detailed report with scores on each dance and insightful comments on what the examiner liked about the candidate as well as what they should work for the next level!

Next Medal Test: TBD

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Have more fun, learn faster, and become a better dancer

Examiners evaluate the following:

Posture, Technical Dance Aspect Evaluated in Dancing Medal Tests, Fundamental of Dancing
Couple Dancing Together, Ballroom Pose, Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Viennese Waltz, Argentine Tango.



hands holding together, lead follow in dancing, dance lead, Latin, Smooth, Rhythm, Salsa, Mambo


Footwork, Aspect Evaluated in Dance Medal Tests, Fundamentals of Ballroom and Latin Dancing
Music Note, Musicality, Rhythm, Dance, Happy
Syllabus, Feet Pattern, Study, Medal Exams, Structure, Goals, Dance Steps and Notations. Ballroom, Latin, Smooth, Rhythm, Partner, Couples Dance




Feet in high heels, Dance skills, Technique, Leg presentation in Ballroom and Latin Dancing, Fundamentals, Medal Exams.




  • This level is divided into Bronze I, II, III and Full Bronze

  • Each level requires a certain number of figures to be performed by the candidate.

  • A minimum of 2 figures per level should be danced.



  • This level is divided into Silver I, II, III and Full Silver

  • Each level requires a certain number of figures to be performed by the candidate as well as an increased quality of movement and dance technique.



  • This level is divided into Intermediate Gold and Full Gold.

  • At this level the candidate is expected to show a solid understanding of the technique & character of each dance as well as great quality of movement and artistry.

Specialized Achievement Awards

  • You can also be evaluated in Open Routines, Showcase, Medleys, Exhibitions, Novelty Routines, Group Numbers and Formations.

  • 1 student with 1 teacher or 2 or more students. Each student will receive a customized certificate and detailed report on their performance.

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