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Ballroom Dancing Lessons

Adult Group Classes

Century Dancesport Ballroom and Latin Dance Classes are the perfect way to practice the moves you have learned in your private lessons or learn new ones!

We recommend having an introduction to Ballroom dancing before joining in any group classes. ​

Contact us for more details!

Advanced Sign-Up is Required.
Please Call us at 714-665-8779 or Sign-up online using the MindBody App before 5:00PM on the day of the group class.
If Class Attendance is Under 4 People, Class Will Be Cancelled.

Price: $15 per person or 10 classes for $100

50% off for Century Members

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Single Adult Group Class

1 Adult Group Class (45 min.)

*Century Members get Half Off



Ballroom Dancing


Adult Group Class Package

10 Adult Group Classes (45 min.)

*Century Members get Half Off



Tues-"Going Solo" Class

This is a group class for all genders and levels but will focus on combinations and patterns that one can do without a leader or follower. This class focuses on repetition and solo steps/presentation. Come prepared to sweat!

Wed-"Technique" Class

This class focuses on the technical details of the partner dances such as footwork and body action.

Thur-"Lead & Follow" Class

In partner dancing, leading and following are crucial to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience. The lead communicates the movements and timing to the follower, while the follower responds and follows the lead's cues. This collaborative process requires trust, communication, and a willingness to work together. By practicing leading and following techniques, dancers can achieve a more fluid and synchronized dance. 

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